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My name is Chris Cincotta. I am a Melbourne based photograher and the founder of @melbourneiloveyou on Instagram and Humans In Melbourne on Facebook.

I've always loved photography, but I haven't always been a photographer. It all really started in 2012, I was about to go overseas for the 10th year in a row and my mum asked if I could take some photos for her and put them online so she could see what I was up to.

I told her that I would take a photo everyday that year for her. And that's what I did. She loved it... so did I. I was using an iPhone 4s... yep. I loved that camera.

Then in 2013 I found that I couldn't stop taking photos. I felt strange when I wasn't creating. So another year of "A photo a day" happened.

When I moved back to Melbourne in 2014 I needed a job. I was at a local market, looking at another photographers work when it dawned on me that I should be a photographer.

So that's exactly what I did.

I found I had a nack for street photography. Especially street art photography. I opened up a little booth I rented from the city on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth and opened up for 3 weeks to test. The test worked.





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