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Before I even start, I want to thank you all so much for supporting me, not only with the book, but with both pages as well. Without all of you, nothing that I do could possibly be as successful or as meaningful. 

Humans In Melbourne began in late 2014 and has grown to become 162,000 Humans strong. @Melbourneiloveyou started in early 2015 and now has over 68,500 amazing Humans following along. The #Melbourneiloveyou hashtag has been used over 378,000 times since the page started!
This book, much like both pages, will be my love letter to Melbourne...

The Humans In Melbourne book will be a gorgeous hardcover, 200 page coffee table book full of gorgeous photos and stories from both the "Humans In Melbourne" Facebook page as well as the @melbourneiloveyou Instagram page! The presale will be very limited and I will only be doing a limited run of the book to be purchased after the presale.

If you buy the book in the presale you get to have your name in the book! Alternatively, you can also choose to have someone else's name in the book! 
I think this makes for a fantastic present! "Merry Christmas... your name is inside!"
Please put the full name you would like in the book in the "NOTES TO SELLER" at checkout, even if it is your own name. Please do not put anything else in this section but the name you'd like in the book as it will appear as written. Please also note that it's one name (surname incl.) per book purchased.
Companies such as cafes, please feel free to put your cafe or company name.
If purchasing more than one book please write down each name separated by a comma.

If you have any questions about the presale process please do not hesitate to contact me and I will have it sorted ASAP!

Please note that when selecting your book option below you can select to pick it up from me in the CBD at my store, this option is $49.99.

If you would like to have it delivered then select that option and it will be $59.99 to have the book delivered to your door!

NB: At this point in time I am still working on international postage. Please send me an email to if you would like a book sent o.s. I have put a hand full aside for international orders just in case.

I have also added an option of a limited edition print! Limited to 100 per photo, each print will be signed and numbered! The print will be an 8"x10" (20x25cm) photo. The additional cost for this is $30. The print comes in an art-slip and will be delivered with your book or picked up in the CBD at time of collection. If you would like the limited edition option just select it from the drop-down menu. There is an option there for pick up as well as delivery.

The book will be ready to be picked up/sent out by early November.

I was 12 years old when I first heard that every book written in Australia goes into the National Library... forever. Something to leave behind after you're gone. I knew then that one day I would have a book. I just didn't know what it would be about. This indeed has been the biggest dream of my life.

Thank you all so much for helping me turn my dreams into a reality.
Much love to you all,