Melbourne I Love You - The Book - presale - International postage

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For all of those outside of Australia! (except NZ-click here for NZ)

The postage for overseas is $50. As this is $40 more than Australia I will gift you 2 prints, 8"x10" worth $40!
When making your order, along with the name you would like in the book, let me know which prints you would like! Just go into the website and select your fave prints! I'll add them in with your order.


As with the last 2 books, ordering a book in the pre-sale entitles you to publish a name in the book! This book will go into The National Library of Australia so it really does make for a magnificent present! Their name will live on in the book forever!

You can put one name per book ordered. If you order more than one than please write it out like  this : Book 1 John Smith - Book 2 Charlie Chaplin

To include a name in the book follow these instructions...
1) When checking out you will see a box where you can leave "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER".
2) Type the name exactly as you would like it in the box! I have given an example below.

3) Continue with checkout process.

Thanks so much for keeping the love for Melbourne alive overseas!

Much love to you,